Kefalonia Foundations Workshop

Kefalonia Foundations Workshop

4-11 September 2023

The workshop “Kefalonia Foundations 2023: Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Physics” aims to bring together 18 young scholars from physics, mathematics, and philosophy of science for a full week on the beautiful island of Kefalonia (Greece).

The purpose of the workshop is to thoroughly analyze selected papers on the foundations of quantum physics, including quantum information, quantum gravity and their interface, and try to lay the groundwork for original research carried out through the collaborations that will be established there.

During the workshop, participants will be grouped in small teams according to the topics of their proposed papers to understand and discuss them in-depth, as well as to brainstorm ideas on how to originally contribute to the discussed topics (first 5 days). Each group will then present the content of their respective paper and the possible findings and further ideas of their team at the end of the workshop (last 2 days).

Participants will all along be co-living together and, also through non-scientific activities, cultivate community values.

The workshop is organised by Eleftherios-Ermis Tselentis (University of Vienna and IQOQI-Vienna, Austria), Flavio Del Santo (University of Geneva, Switzerland), and Guiherme Franzmann (NORDITA, Stockholm, Sweden). This event is being endorsed and supported by the BRCP  (Basic Research Community for Physics).

You can find more information on the workshop website.