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To become a member of the list please send an empty email to Please use your academic address if you have one. If you do not have one, please send an email to providing a couple of lines description of the reason you would like to join. Absent any information, requests from non-academic addresses are likely to be rejected.

Any member can post to the mailing list by sending an email to qiss–at– To avoid spam or accidental replies to all, messages need to be approved by the moderators. Please allow for a day of delay. If your message is still not appearing or if it is an urgent matter please contact the list administrators:

The purpose of the QISS mailing list is to circulate announcements relevant to the academic community interested in research at the interface of Quantum Gravity, Quantum Foundations and Quantum Information. For instance,

– academic job openings
– scholarships, internships, fellowships
– grants and other funding opportunities
– workshops, conferences, schools
– online seminars

Thank you for your participation.