QISS is an interdisciplinary initiative in Quantum Information & Quantum Gravity

bringing together theorists, experimentalists and philosophers.

Our research program aims to unravel the Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime.

The consortium is supported by the John Templeton foundation (first phase grant, second phase grant)  and from numerous smaller grants obtained by individual participating research groups.

We are a network of researchers specialising on the foundations of physics. We pioneer interdisciplinary work in Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity and investigate the interface of these disciplines. 
The QISS consortium is composed of fourteen research groups and several affiliates, bringing together 100+ researchers in fundamental physics and computer science.


Short virtual seminars, open to participation, with a long discussion session.

Public Talk – May 14th 2024 by Prof. Carlo Rovelli

Prof. Carlo Rovelli – White Holes – Vienna City Hall


Homodyne a DJ Quantum art show

The art show ‘Homodyne’ premiered on the 30th of June, 2023. The performance results from an interdisciplinary collaboration and explores how quantum entanglement and emergent properties of space and time affect the ontology of bodies in performance art.


QISS Spring School 2023

16-23 April 2023 One week graduate school featuring lectures by leading researchers in the fields of Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity. Held in the Goutelas castle in the south …


Chris Smeenk Joins QISS. Expanded Visiting Philosophers Program.

We are happy to welcome Chris Smeenk to the consortium. Chris is the director of the Rotman Institute of Philosophy and professor of philosophy at Western …


Don Marolf and Steve Giddings join QISS

We are happy to welcome to the QISS project Don Marolf and Steve Giddings from the University of California Santa Barbara. The addition of this …


What is Real? A discussion with Barry Kerzin and Carlo Rovelli

https://youtu.be/sPSMTNjwHZw Title: What is real? Nagarjuna’s Middle Way. A discussion with Barry Kerzin and Carlo Rovelli.  Time and date: 29 of October 2021, 4pm CEST (10am EDT) How to join: Please …


Markus Aspelmeyer joins QISS

Markus Aspelmeyer, Director of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, has joined QISS. The addition of Markus and his group will support the …


Summer 2022 events: conference at Western U, Ontario and workshop at Lesbos, Greece

We are happy to announce the QISS conference at Western University Ontario for June 6-11 2022, and the previously postponed due to the pandemic QISS …