Announcement: The QISS project has been awarded a second phase grant from the John Templeton foundation, that will support our activities until the summer of 2025. We expect several postdoctoral openings with starting dates as soon as September 2022. Interested candidates please contact the principal investigators.

Announcement: The QISS Philosopher Fellowships program will be significantly expanded in partnership with the Rotman Institute of Philosophy for the period 2022-2025, and will be opened also to graduate students in philosophy. Please contact Chris Smeenk or Francesca Vidotto for enquiries.

About QISS

QISS is an interdisciplinary initiative in Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity, bringing together theorists, experimentalists and philosophers. Our research program aims to unravel the Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime. Our consortium is supported by the John Templeton foundation (first phase grant, second phase grant) the John Templeton Foundation  and from numerous smaller grants obtained by individual participating research groups. The QISS project is coordinated by the Center for Space, Time and the Quantum.

The overarching theme investigated is the conceptual role of Information in gravitational physics. This calls for a rethinking of Space, Time and Quantum foundations.

Virtual Seminars

Short seminars with a long discussion session. Open to participation.


The QISS consortium significantly contributes to the scientific literature concerning the interface between quantum gravity, quantum foundations and quantum information.


We are a network of researchers specialising on the foundations of physics. We pioneer interdisciplinary work in Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity and investigate the interface of these disciplines. Main activities take place at  Vienna, Austria -Ontario, Canada – Marseille and Paris, France – Oxford, United Kingdom –  Pennsylvania and Santa Barbara, United States –  Hong Kong – Morelia, Mexico – Rome, Italy – Brussels, Belgium -Okinawa, Japan.