Homodyne a DJ Quantum art show

Homodyne a DJ Quantum art show

30th of June, 2023

IQOQI Vienna collaborated with the Interface Cultures master’s program of the University of Arts Linz, the Institute of Dance Arts, and Ars Electronica to stage the art show ‘Homodyne.’

Visual artists, programmers, sound engineers, dancers, and physicists collaborate in the context of this project to create an art performance (Homodyne) inspired by quantum physics and spacetime physics. The performance draws, among others, on research by Nobel Prize winner Anton Zeilinger in quantum mechanics. It explores how quantum entanglement and emergent properties of space and time affect the ontology of bodies in performance art.

The piece premiered on the 30th of June, 2023, and will also be exhibited in September as part of the world-renowned Ars Electronica Festival.

IQOQI-Vienna participants are Marios Christodoulou, who is co-teaching the course, as well as Anton Zasedatelev, Victor Camarena, and Ayub Khodaee, who has collaborated with the artists to visualize and sonify data from experiments with optically levitated nanoparticles.

Artists: Erick Aguirre, Kevin Blackistone, Jiaji Cheng, Danica Golic, Kathrine Hardman, Eunji Ji, Polina Kliuchnikova, Kateryna Pomeichuk

Picture credits go to IQOQI Vienna/Satanakis.