QISS Spring School 2023

QISS Spring School 2023

16-23 April 2023

One week graduate school featuring lectures by leading researchers in the fields of Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity.
Held in the Goutelas castle in the south of France, from Sunday 16 to Sunday 23 of April 2023.

The overarching theme of the research school is the understanding of spacetime and gravity through the lens of quantum information. Quantum theory and general relativity have modified our notions of locality and objectivity on the one hand, and space and time on the other. Understanding the consequences of this shift requires bringing together a diverse range of disciplines from physics (general relativity, quantum information, high energy theory, quantum gravity, quantum foundations), mathematics (differential geometry, functional analysis), computer science (information theory, quantum computing) as well as philosophy and history of science.


More information on the website: qiss.school