QISS@Western, June 6-11 2022

The Quantum Information Structure of Spacetime (QISS) interdisciplinary initiative in Quantum Information and Quantum Gravity is announcing its first large conference, to be held at Western University, in London, Ontario, Canada, the week 6-11 June 2022. The main aim of the conference will be to foster dialogue between physics and philosophy.

The conference will bring together theorists, experimentalists and philosophers working on understanding the conceptual basis needed for understanding quantum spacetime, and on the relevance of quantum information to this aim. Research topics covered will include quantum superposition of spacetimes and the possibility of their detection in the laboratory, quantum reference frames, background independent quantum formalism, the role of relations and information in quantum spacetime physics and philosophical questions raised by these issues.

Please see https://www.rotman.uwo.ca/event/quantum-information-quantum-gravity-conference/ for further details.