Public Talk – May 14th 2024 by Prof. Carlo Rovelli

Public Talk – May 14th 2024 by Prof. Carlo Rovelli

Public Talk on White Holes by Prof. Carlo Rovelli

Date: 14th of May, 2024

Time: 16:00 – 20:00

Venue: Vienna City Hall

Registration: Link

Content: The quantum nature of spacetime determines how a black hole ends its life and what happens deep inside its horizon. I illustrate what we know today about black holes, how they distort space and time, their internal geometry, and what we can guess about their future.

Biography: Carlo Rovelli is a theoretical physicist known for his work on quantum gravity, the nature of space and time, and the understanding of quantum theory.  Born in Italy, Rovelli has worked in the United States, France and Canada.  He is currently affiliated to the University of Aix-Marseille in France, the philosophy department of the Western Ontario University, the Perimeter Institute in Canada and the Santa Fe Institute of Complexity in the US. He is member of the Institute Universitaire de France, honorary professor of the Beijing Normal University, Honoris Causa Laureate of the Universidad de San Martin, Buenos Aires, member of the Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences. During the last decade, he has written global and influential bestsellers translated in more than forty languages. Among these, are “Seven Brief Lessons on Physics’, ‘The Order of Time’, and “Helgoland”, on quantum theory. Rovelli is engaged politically: in 2019 he has promoted the Peace Dividend Initiative, supported by 60 Nobel Laureates, asking for a worldwide collaborative reduction of military expenses.  He has been included by the Foreign Policy magazine in the list of the 100 most influential global thinkers.  And by Prospect magazine in the 2021 list of The World’s 50 Top Thinkers.