Alejandro Perez

University of Aix-Marseille
Center for Theoretical Physics

I presently study the effects of Planckian discreteness, expected from quantum gravity, in the context of low energy physics, characterizing the possible deviations from quantum field theory and general relativity that could have observational relevance (e.g., dark energy emergence and evolution, black holes, gravity waves deviations from GR). The associated theoretical insights for the construction of a consistent approach to quantum gravity will also be investigated (e.g. information loss paradox).

Black holes in the context of loop quantum gravity (LQG) and in the semiclassical approach of quantum fields theory on curved spacetimes is one of my central interests. I have introduced a scenario for the resolution of Hawking’s information paradox based on the idea that Planckian discreteness should play a central role in black hole evaporation. This inspired another idea: the necessity of the chaotic diffusion of energy into the underlying granularity and its possible observable effects. This led to a theoretic account of the observed value of the cosmological constant without fine tuning. Since then my efforts focus on the theoretical and phenomenological implications of such a view.