Julian De Vuyst


The emergence of spacetime remains one of the deep mysteries of our Universe. While there are many views, most agree on the fact that we need to search for something on a more fundamental scale. Quantum information is a possible candidate providing us with an aperture to peek into the cosmic principles of gravity; `It from Qubit’ as they say. In this regard, black holes remain an ideal stage for our theoretical gizmos allowing us to probe its quantum weirdness. Therefore, I believe the black hole information paradox is one of the key ingredients in shining light on this matter. As such, my Master’s research was focused on this topic where we tried to give a more operational meaning to one of the proposed solutions – entanglement islands.

Having worked in the context of holography and string theory, my viewpoint’s progenitors consist mainly of particles and fields. Nowadays you can find me spending time on researching and trying to understand the gravity side of things: causal structure, relational dynamics, etc. As such, I am pursuing a Ph.D under the supervision of Philipp Höhn where we try to enlarge the domain of the Quantum Reference Frame & Covariance approach.