June 2021

Helgoland, new book by Carlo Rovelli

Carlo Rovelli has published his new popularised science book, which opens with a scene discussing physics with other QISS members at Lamma Island, during our day off at the QISS@HongKong launching conference of the QISS project. penguin.co.uk/books/…/helgoland

Testing for Quantum Gravity with Bose-Einstein Condensates

The multimode collaborative work `Non-gaussianity as a Signature of a Quantum Theory of Gravity’ between Hong Kong, Aix-Marseille and Oxford you, lead by Richard Howl and with the participation of Marios Christodoulou, Carlo Rovelli and Vlatko Vedral, has been published in PRX Quantum. Below is an accessible to the non-specialist summary. For over a hundred years, physicists …

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Chiara Marletto featured at The Guardian

Chiara Marletto has been featured in the guardian,Chiara Marletto is a research fellow at Wolfson College, University of Oxford. Her research is in theoretical physics – especially quantum computation, thermodynamics and information theory. Her broader interests include theoretical biology, epistemology and Italian literature. The Science of Can and Can’t: A Physicist’s Journey Through the Land …

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The quantum flip

By Giulio Chiribella and Zixuan Liu.  Pre-publication link. At the microscopic level, the fundamental laws of physics are time symmetric: every fundamental process admits a time-reversal, which describes the same physics seen from the point of view of an observer with an inverted arrow of time. In stark contrast, our everyday experience and our laboratory practice …

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Quantum Reference Frames

When we think operationally about space and time, we usually assume that the objects we use as reference frames are classical systems – like a macroscopic heavy ruler or a clock with sharply defined hands.  Quantum reference frames have recently been introduced as a formalism to describe physics when rulers and clocks are assumed to …

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Witnessing non-classicality beyond quantum theory

Witnessing non-classicality beyond quantum theory. Published in Physical Review D. By Chiara Marletto (QISS Oxford Physics) and Vlatko Vedral (QISS Oxford Physics). Popular Summary: This paper provides the strongest theoretical basis for recently proposed experiments to test quantum effects in gravity, achieving the remarkable result that such experiments, if performed successfully, would rule out all …

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Quantum information and the arrow of time

Quantum information and the arrow of time. Andrea Di Biagio (QISS Rome), Pietro Donà, Carlo Rovelli (QISS Marseille)  pre-published at  Popular Summary: Standard formulations of quantum mechanics feature two distinct laws describing how the state of a quantum system changes in time. The first law, the Schrödinger equation, is smooth and time-reversal symmetric. By looking …

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