April 2019

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions on Measurements of Quantum Channels

Quantum supermaps are a higher-order generalization of quantum maps, taking quantum maps to quantum maps. It is known that any completely positive, trace non-increasing (CPTNI) map can be performed as part of a quantum measurement. By providing an explicit counterexample we show that, instead, not every quantum supermap sending a quantum channel to a CPTNI map can be realized in a measurement on quantum channels. We find that the supermaps that can be implemented in this way are exactly those transforming quantum channels into CPTNI maps even when tensored with the identity supermap. We link this result to the fact that the principle of causality fails in the theory of quantum supermaps.

Quantum Compression of Tensor Network States

We design quantum compression algorithms for parametric families of tensor network states. We first establish an upper bound on the amount of memory needed to store an arbitrary state from a given state family. The bound is determined by the minimum cut of a suitable flow network, and is related to the flow of information from the manifold of parameters that specify the states to the physical systems in which the states are embodied. For given network topology and given edge dimensions, our upper bound is tight when all edge dimensions are powers of the same integer. When this condition is not met, the bound is optimal up to a multiplicative factor smaller than 1.585. We then provide a compression algorithm for general state families, and show that the algorithm runs in polynomial time for matriproduct states.