Vienna Quantum Foundations, 2021 Sept. 7-10

Several members of the QISS collaboration will be participating to the Vienna Quantum Foundations Conference 2021, hosted by the University of Vienna and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information. Talks will be streamed online and recorded. For more information see https://vqf.iqoqi.oeaw.ac.at

Markus Aspelmeyer joins QISS

Markus Aspelmeyer, Director of the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, has joined QISS. The addition of Markus and his group will support the focus point of exploring experimental possibilities to probe the weak field/low energy aka “table-top” regime of gravitational quantum physics. For an interesting popularised take on recent experimental trends see the recent …

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The quantum flip

By Giulio Chiribella and Zixuan Liu.  Pre-publication link. At the microscopic level, the fundamental laws of physics are time symmetric: every fundamental process admits a time-reversal, which describes the same physics seen from the point of view of an observer with an inverted arrow of time. In stark contrast, our everyday experience and our laboratory practice …

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Quantum Reference Frames

When we think operationally about space and time, we usually assume that the objects we use as reference frames are classical systems – like a macroscopic heavy ruler or a clock with sharply defined hands.  Quantum reference frames have recently been introduced as a formalism to describe physics when rulers and clocks are assumed to …

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